Family Scrapbook


The VillaThis week in here in Aggieland is set to be a big one. Graduation celebrations of all kinds are scheduled to start later this week and continue all weekend. The Vintage House is anticipating a full house, and Retail and The Villa are looking forward to taking care of all of our extended Messina Hof family members when they come by and visit. Some of our staff members will be accepting diplomas, and we could not be more proud of them. Congratulations to all the graduates this year!

Wine and Chocolate night in the Wine Bar was a huge hit last week with our intriguing selection of chocolate covered bacon. We have truly enjoyed all of Chef’s chocolate and culinary delights. If you have never been out for Wine and Chocolate night, put it on your calendar to visit us on Wednesdays. The Wine Bar is in the process of a huge facelift, including new paint going up on the walls this week, and some extra special, first of its kind features being installed as well. Be on the lookout for our official Re-Grand Opening announcement, or come by sooner and catch a sneak peek. Wine Bar will continue to serve up wine flights and regular service during the renovations.