Family Scrapbook


For years Messina Hof has been crusading for more Texas grape growers. With more than 240 wineries in the state now, there were not enough grapes to supply all of them. It is exciting to see so many new growers now on the horizon. The Pauls are getting calls on a daily basis this month with new growers all over the state wanting to sell us their fruit. Praise the Lord!  It will be good for Texas wine.

As many of you know, Paul M was a Marine before coming to the business. He has continued that relationship with his fellow Marines and has worked to bring local Marines together. Mondays are Uniform/Military Appreciation Nights at the Wine Bar. The Marines often gather at the Wine Bar on Monday nights to meet and share stories. They are amazing people with huge hearts and the desire to help former and present Marines in need. Out of this sense of service they have developed a detachment of the Marine Corp League, which will be chartered this Saturday, April 14th. Paul M is one of the founding members of the Brazos Valley detachment of the Marine Corp League, a national organization with detachments in many counties all across the U.S. The charter ceremony will officially recognize the detachment as a part of the Marine Corp League, providing more opportunities to help service members in the local community.

OOHRAH and Sempre Fi!

Easter is one of our favorite seasons as it is a reminder of the freedom and hope we enjoy because our redeemer came, was crucified and resurrected. What an amazing gift and expression of perfect love!

After a fabulous meal of ham, Karen’s amazing twice baked potatoes, garden-fresh salad, fresh fruit and German Rye bread with Messina Hof Private Reserve Chardonnay , Merrill’s Vineyard Semillon and our Single Vineyard Primitivo, we enjoyed Karen’s delicious homemade biscotti.

This year we enjoyed watching Sophia Marie do her first Easter egg hunt. Once she got the gist of what it was, she was the most determined egg gatherer I have seen. What fun! Paul V and I finished the night watching “The Passion of the Christ” for the first time – heart wrenching and humbling.  It shows the love of God that endured the cruelty of man to provide payment for all of our sins on the cross so that we would be able to be with Him in eternity. Reality check…it is not about bunnies and eggs.  To Him be the glory.