Family Scrapbook


Fredericksburg is beautiful in April. Though bluebonnets have faded the Indian Paint Brushes and bright mix of yellow flowers still carpet the pastures and ditches.

The grapevines at Messina Hof Bryan are beautiful and at Messina Hof Hill Country are looking great and popping out of the grow tubes. Paul and I spent the weekend topping, tying, and de-suckering the vines@ #mhhillcountry.

It was like being an Avatar with what seemed like 1000 butterflies flitting around us while we worked – color on the ground-color in the sky.

Hope to see you at Wine & Roses this weekend. It will be a great to start the morning off with the “Walk to the Wineries” family vineyard walk, then do a little stomping, tasting, wine & chocolate, and just kick back to listen to the music. It is also Paul Mitchell’s official birthday this week so we just keep the celebration going.

See you soon. Cheers. Merrill