Family Scrapbook


Wine and Roses 2012 has come and gone and it was the most successful one we have done since the firstone in 1984.  WOW!  What a blessing! Thank you VIPs and ambassadors for all of your help. Thank you Messina Hofer’s for coming, sharing the day, and enjoying all that the Lord has provided.  And thanks to all who joined us, in costume, from the Texas Renaissance Festival. We so appreciate everyone. Paul M and Karen, and all of our Messina Hof staff did a great job planning and executing this event.  We had a lot of great teams participate in the Annual Messina Hof Grape Stomp Competition. Stomp and Holler stomped their hearts out and came in first place at the competition. Thanks to Matthew LeBlanc from KAGs for being our MC for the competition.

The past week was a special week in so many ways.  Paul V and Paul M went to Lubbock to the grower’s meeting. Paul V was able to help them raise money as their impromptu auctioneer (you all know what a great auctioneer Paul V is!). Paul M signed his first barrel.

For the first time the Spring Release Dinner was hosted by three Bonarrigo ladies: Mama Rosa, Karen, and me. Paul M provided an exciting entrée experience as he arrived from his Lubbock trip right before the entrée was served and gave a first-hand report on the 2012 crop. What a treat for all who were there.

Last week, I gave a John 15 tour. Even though I have given it so many times, each time I learn and understand so much more about what it teaches. The vines are growing rapidly right now. They are reaching to the sun. Their tendrils are grabbing enthusiastically at anything within reach. As vine tenders (gardeners) we must work most aggressively right now to tie them to the trellis. Once tied to the trellis, their tendrils will naturally reach out and cling to the wire. This support system protects them from wind and equipment damage, allows them to better support their fruit, and keeps them facing to the sun. We are all vine tenders in others’ lives. Whether we are parents, teachers, bosses, preachers, etc., we are called to support, train, and help others. May you have a wonderful week of Vine tending!

Cheers, Merrill