Family Scrapbook


Change is good.  There is always something changing at Messina Hof. When we first built our Guest Center in 1989, there was a one room bed and breakfast at the top of the exterior stairs.  It was called the Vintner’s Loft. 

When the Villa bed and breakfast was built in 1999, the Vintner’s Loft became the accounting department.  This week that room at the top of the stairs is transforming once again.  The accounting department has moved into the administrative wing of the business.  The room at the top of the stairs is becoming our new conference room. 

 Designer Events has grown as well.  Designer Events started in 1984 with me and one other person.  We now have three event sales consultants and an event execution specialist. 

Messina Hof’s focus has always been on customer service.  We want everyone to feel like part of our family.  As we have grown, our immediate working Messina Hof family has grown as well to assure that we can continue to give personal attention to everyone.  Even as we grow,
Paul V, Paul M, Karen, and I continue to offer an open door policy and appreciate your feedback and suggestions.  As you know, we have added a VIP Concierge to take care of our growing VIP club members.  Now, the Online Store and Wine Club programs are growing so fast that we will be expanding that department as well.  

It is hard to believe that May has already come to an end.  The spring semester is over and summer is beginning.  The grapes are looking beautiful! At

Messina Hof, we are gearing up for the harvest which is now only two months away.  There are so many new events this year that I cannot wait to see you at the winery!