Family Tradition Continues at Messina Hof


Family tradition continues at Messina Hof with new traditions being born. A Birthday group takes photos next to the vine row an annual pilgrimage!

They wrote: “My name is Tanya Knapp, Cory and I chose this location as our destination gift for Adrienne’s40th birthday. I have came on numerous occasions with girlfriends and colleagues but never for a family celebration! I promise it won’t be our last. We have decided that we will return and mark the visits with the photograph of the birthday person in front of the grape row corresponding to their admitted age!

Adrienne is Cory’s sister however, she and I have been best friends since our sophomore year of high school. We moved to B/CS together after HS to attend TAMU! Their mom suddenly passed away 5 yrs ago September (10 days before Adrienne’s bday) This was the first time she has been willing to celebrate her birthday since her passing and proclaimed it to be the best she could ever remember.

I want to thank you and the delightful staff you have been so lucky to employee – Jean was fantastic from the moment we entered until the second we exited and sweet Emily she was outstanding in making our arrangements and taking care of my requests. All in all it was an amazing weekend and we will visit again soon!”