FAQ about Dessert Wines!


Q: Which cheeses are best with Port?
A: Ports are bold full bodied wines that require bold full flavored foods. Classic cheese selections for Port include: Stilton, Danish Blue, and Gorgonzola. Other more unique pairings could include cranberry stilton and chocolate cheese.

Q: What is Lenoir?
A: Lenoir is multi-national grape. It found in many countries with different names including Black Spanish, Chavez, and Jacquez. The grape is unique as it is a Centurian grape which means that it is free run black juice. We know that it was grown on the island of Madeira and used in the Madeira wines.

Q: What kind of wine would you serve with desserts?
A: Sweet wines can be served as desserts themselves. Wines like Ports, Late Harvest and Sauternes are the perfect finish to a beautiful meal. If you decide to serve a dessert with the dessert wines, just try to make sure the dessert is less sweet than the wine. Even the sweetest wines will taste sour when paired with foods sweeter than the wine.

Q: Why are dessert wine bottles smaller?
A: Most dessert wines are packaged in smaller bottles called half bottles or splits. These are 375 ml. versus the normal 750 ml. bottles. A split usually sells for much more than a 750 ml. in dessert wines. Messina Hof does not bottle 375 ml. but we sell our 750 ml bottles at less than the 375 ml. of most other dessert wines.

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