Fast Facts about Wine on Tap


First introduced to Messina Hof customers in 2013, wine on tap has quickly become a fan favorite and must try at Messina Hof’s locations. But why should you think outside the bottle? Here’s a few fast facts you should know:
Wine on tap is stored in stainless steel, high-end kegs with an airtight seal. With a lack of oxidation in the keg, wine stays fresher, longer for quality wine in every single glass.

Each keg has a height of 23.75″ and diameter of 9.5″, holding approximately 5.2 gallons of wine.

A perfect way to enjoy Texas wine at tailgates, weddings and more, each keg serves up to 100 people! (Yes, you can rent a keg from Messina Hof for your event!)

A keg system is reusable thus decreases our environmental footprint by keeping approximately 26 bottles out of landfills.