Fathers Day Weekend


Father’s Day is this weekend and many families are preparing get-togethers and gifts to celebrate the important men in their lives, but on this special day Americans might also recall their most famous paternal Fathers Dayfigures—the Founding Fathers. While most Americans are aware of the measures these famous men took to create the U.S. Constitution, many are not aware of their accomplishments in the American wine industry. The Founding Fathers were highly interested in wine-making and wine’s place in society. Ben Franklin was even quoted as saying that wine is “a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.”

Thomas Jefferson especially had a passion for the wine industry. He was an avid wine savant and owned fifteen wine cellars throughout his lifetime, including one in the White House while he served as President. Jefferson also began his own vineyard at his Monticello estate, although he was never able to produce enough grapes to make wine. The dedication of Jefferson and other Founding Fathers to wine helped propel the American wine industry into the 21st century.

This weekend, remember the Founding Fathers’ love of wine and celebrate Dad by treating him to a Wine Club membership or a relaxing day on property. Experience any number of our specialty events to include a library-wine tasting or a luncheon in our Vintage House. On another weekend, book a mini-vacation in Messina Hof’s own Thomas Jefferson room at The Villa (currently sold-out). From Messina Hof’s library wine tasting to a luncheon in the Vintage House Restaurant, this is the place for fathers. Call 979-778-9463 ext. 234 for more details and to make reservations for any of Messina Hof’s events. Happy Father’s Day from Messina Hof!