Five Reasons to Drink Wine in a Can


Summer is officially in full swing! Keep the season rolling with Messina Hof’s canned wines! Pick between Rosé and Beau… or have them both! The two cans The rosé is a light bodied dry wine with perfect subtle hints of strawberry and orange while Beau is the sweeter option with aromas of blackberries and wildflowers.

Here are five reasons why you should drink canned wines this summer…

Imagine drinking wine pool side, on the beach, at a concert, or even while floating the river… now you can! The aluminum cans are extremely convenient and allow for you to enjoy where ever you venture to!

Photo submitted by Scott

There is no more need to waste the entire bottle of wine after opening it for a pour or two. With the cans, you are able to get the perfect wine serving of 8.5 ounces and not risk wasting the rest of your wine!

Want to be able to chill your wine in a hurry? Aluminum cans take a shorter amount of time to get cooler, enabling you to get to where you want faster!

No more worrying about having a corkscrew, bottle opener or lugging around a glass bottle. All you have to do is pop the top and enjoy… Easy!

Last, but not least, aluminum cans are more environmentally friendly than the typical glass bottle because they are easily recyclable. Stay drinking while helping planet earth out!

Photo submitted by Greg

Keep summer easy and convenient with the new canned wines! Why not try it out? Click here to order online or pick up in person at all Messina Hof locations today!

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