Food and Wine


The warmer Texas weather has somehow inspired me to start exploring my wine choices and experiment Paul Mitchel with food and wine pairings more on the past few weeks. Maybe it is because of all the fresh fruits and
vegetables available, Memorial Day picnic ideas and grilling options have my mind fluttering with desires to sample and sip multiple wines with each new meal.

Merrill shared with me her love for food and wine pairing, and I cannot help but admire the artful interaction between food and wine as well. Food and wine pairing guidelines are helpful to identify wine varietal characteristics, weight of the wine and specific dish, flavors and aromatic interactions, such as those found on our website: But the best part is simply trying out sips of different wines with little bites of different foods. The goal is to have a “Wow” experience both with the food and the wine, where both elements enhance each other. Options are endless and tons of fun in the process! Merrill’s Vineyard Cuisine Cookbook is a perfect resource for guidance and to be inspired.The achievements of our leadership team continue to abound.

Paul Mitchell Bonarrigo’s credentials grow as he has just received a Winemaking Certificate from the University of California, Davis extension program. Paul began apprenticing under his father, Paul V. Bonarrigo, as a child and teenager, and he grew up working in all of the areas of the winery. For the past three years, Paul V. and Paul M. have been collaborating on winemaking duties here at Messina Hof all while Paul M. and their knowledge and expertise have grown that much stronger. The wine of Messina Hof is in good hands! We are so very proud of Paul and for the exciting winemaking chapters to come.