Food, Family, Travel, and Good Times!


There is no place like home.  Every year Paul and I try to get away for a relaxing trip prior to harvest.  This year we took Mama Rosa to the Dominican Republic.  It was “all inclusive” so it felt like we ate our way through each day!

It was our first time to the area and I am always fascinated with the local foods.  Fruits abound there and especially bananas.  I had banana casserole, fried bananas with mango sauce, banana and papaya frosty, chocolate bananas, poached bananas, fresh bananas, and mashed bananas (which actually had the consistency of mashed potatoes).  The amazing thing was that the Spanish white wine they served actually went well with bananas!  We came back refreshed, ready for harvest, and rich in potassium.

July 4th is such a great time to remember the blessing of freedom.  So many in the world do not know what that means.  America may not be “the best” country in everything in the world (ie, The Newsroom), but it is the best country in the world to live and be blessed by the American dream.

Messina Hof has been so blessed and we are thankful and excited to share the fruits of our blessing with everyone.  We are blessed by your support.  Thank you.

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th!