Foods that Pair the Best with Messina Hof’s Riesling


Riesling is a white grape variety which originates in the Rhine region of Germany. The Riesling grape is used to make dry, semi-sweet, sweet and sparkling white wines. Riesling is usually included in the “top three” white wine varieties together with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Riesling is almost never fermented or aged in new oak, meaning Riesling tends to be lighter in weight and therefore suitable to a larger range of foods.

Riesling is a flexible wine for pairing with food, because of its balance of sugar and acidity. All styles are wonderful pairings for grilled, broiled, or poached white fish or pork. Sweeter styles go great with spicy dishes like blackened fish or Caribbean foods; it is also one of the few wines that can take on the stronger flavors and spices of Thai and Chinese cuisine. Delicate cheese, salads, and fruit make wonderful pairings as well. Dessert styles of Riesling, like late harvest wines, go well with fruit desserts, milk chocolate, and crème brulee.

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