Football is Here… Try Wine & Wings Pairings


It’s no secret that chicken wings are the ultimate fan-favorite for every game day celebration and wine isn’t just for high end dining. So double-down and treat yourself to a dynamite food and wine pairing experience! Here’s how to pair wine and wings this season!

Buffalo Wings: This game day favorite calls for off-dry whites and fruit-forward wines to balance the heat from buffalo sauce. Pair with Messina Hof’s Private Reserve Gewürztraminer, Texas Sparkling Moscato or Sparkling Rosé!

Honey BBQ Wings: Grab a medium-bodied jammy wine with red fruit notes to match the sweet and smokey sauce! Our top picks? Beau, GSM and Malbec!

Teriyaki Wings: Try Messina Hof’s Riesling, Pinot Noir and Sparkling Brut! Exotic flavor notes make this a great choice for a variety of wines from bubbles, off-dry whites and smooth reds.

Chipotle Wings: Smoky characteristics of both chipotle and earthy red wines are an ideal duo. Try a rosé for an alternative that matches the heat! We suggest Sophia Marie Rosé or Tempranillo!

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