Fresh Vegetable Wine Pairings


Each season brings its’ special harvest of produce, herbs, and spices. Our Chef at the Vintage House Restaurant uses these seasonal ingredients to create wonderful dishes that perfectly complemented by certain Messina Hof Wines.

Pairing wines with vegetables and vegan dishes is easy and a good time to be creative! Choosing wines for vegetable dishes allows for experimentation and can result in some of the most exquisite pairings.

Vegetables are best paired with lighter-bodied wines; such as Pinot Grigio, Unoaked Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer. These are great vegan wines as they make the flavors of vegetables and herbs pop. Pinot Grigio is so light and crisp; it is a great palate cleanser and stimulates the taste buds with each sip.

Stay away from pairing acidic raw vegetables with full-bodied red wines because they will cause these wines to taste bitter. Beau and Pinot Noir are lighter-bodied red wines that pair well with vegetables. Roasted vegetables can pair nicely with fuller reds.
Stop by the Vintage House Restaurant at Messina Hof this spring to try our gluten- free options available.