Game Time = Wine Time


Buffalo Chicken Wings: This game day favorite calls for off-dry whites and fruit-forward wines to balance the heat from buffalo sauce. Pair with Messina Hof’s Private Reserve Gewürztraminer, a multi-awarded wine with grapes grown in the Texas High Plains. Click here for more wing and wine pairings.

Hamburgers or Ribs: Merlot serves as a rich addition to dark meats, making it the choice wine to drink with your hamburger sliders or rack of ribs. Recently awarded Best of Class at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, Private Reserve Merlot will add a smooth finish to any grilled meats you are serving at your party.

Dips: Dips can vary in their wine pairings. For guacamole, try Pinot Grigio to match the light flavor of the avocados. Hot spinach artichoke dip requires a fuller bodied wine like Pinot Noir while queso and salsa pair well with the rustic earthiness of Sangiovese.

Fried Chicken: Similar to chicken wings, fried chicken pairs best with dry white wine to form a light, yet savory combination. Nothing will get you more excited for game day than good old southern fried chicken and Messina Hof’s limited edition Texas Kickoff White Wine Blend. 

Want more pairings for the big game? Click here for more suggestions in tips!