Happy Belated Father’s Day!


Happy belated Father’s Day to all fathers! We hope that you and your families had a wonderful day. I was blessed to have the opportunity to lead the Father’s Day Library Wine Tasting in the Cellar Room this pastSunday. It was my first event to host all by my lonesome, and it was a blast! Over the years, I have appreciated very much the teaching moments and tasting opportunities with Merrill, Paul and Paul Mitchell. This was a great event to share some of my favorite stories and wine facts, all while indulging in one-of-a-kind rare Messina Hof vintages. It is such a special opportunity to open older vintage wines. They showcase maturity, complex tannins and a mellowed structure as compared to their younger counterparts, and are a true treat to share with family and close friends. Call our Retail Department at (979) 778-9463 ext. 223 to find out which of Messina Hof’s rare and older vintages are still available.

We are just a couple days away from the official start of Summer 2013. Time to grab your favorite summertime wines! Highlight light and fresh wines while lounging by the pool, or opt for rich red wines with your favorite grilled meats and weekend barbeque fare. The Messina Hof food products are a perfect accompaniment to every party dish. Pick up summertime staples such as Messina Hof’s wine-infused Riesling Spicy German MustardRoasted Garlic Cabernet Barbeque Sauce and the ever-famous Gewurztraminer Raspberry Chipotle Sauce from either of our winery locations or online at

The start of summer also means that Harvest is right around the corner. This year’s Harvest Festival will run from July 12th through August 3rd in Bryan. On August 10th, our Fredericksburg location will host its first Harvest & Music Festival. Bryan reservations for picking, stomping and touring, as well as bookings for all of the fabulous evening events can be made online this year as well as by phone (979.778.9463 ext 234). Check out the Harvest website for more details and to review the full schedule of events: