Happy Sip-tember!


It’s Sip-tember y’all! With the playfulness of August behind us, it’s time to get down to business. Sure, you know how to enjoy wine, but do you know wine tasting techniques that will bring your experience to the next level? If you don’t, no worries! Sip-tember is a time to refocus our year and learn something new! Embrace your sophisticated side with the 5 S’s of wine tasting.

See: Pay attention to the vibrancy of a wine’s color. Each wine is unique and ever-evolving, so give them the admiration they deserve. Wines color is influenced most by its age and variety. White wines get darker as they age, and red wines grow paler.

Swirl: It goes without saying, swirling a glass immediately makes you feel 100% fancier. Besides the air of elegance that swirling a glass creates, the motion also aerates the wine! (And researchers suggest that 80% of tasting something is smell!) All you have to do is hold the wine in front of you or place on a flat surface and gently rotate so it swirls in the glass. Don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first, practice makes perfect!

Smell: Stick your nose in the glass and inhale to take in all the aromas of the wine. Did you know that only one side of your nose works at a time? It’s true! To determine which side of your nose is active, gracefully stick your nose in your glass and tilt your head from side to side. Note what scents you recognize!

Sip: As you go in for a sip, breathe in a little air to capture aromas. Now, swirl the wine around your tongue and swallow. (The first sip re-calibrates your taste buds.) Once your palate is clean, swish the wine around again and really pay attention to the flavors you taste. Do they match what you smelled? Are there any surprising characteristics?

Savor: After each sip, flavor will linger on your tongue. Note if new elements emerge with the wine’s aftertaste. Are the flavors present for a short time or lengthy?