Harvest Grand Finale and Friends


Everyday is a celebration but some days are more of a celebration than others. The celebration of the end of harvest is one of the sweetest celebrations! The grapes are all picked and fermenting nicely. Friends and family rejoice and are relieved. Partying begins!

At this year’s Harvest Gala dinner, guests enjoyed Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Champion Riesling served out of a 6 L. bottle as well as a delicious Vineyard Cuisine menu perfectly paired with Messina Hof and Paulo wines.

Models from Witt’s End floated through the room sharing the new trends for fall. As a special surprise, Mike McCarley, Gilbert Morales, and John Gruchaz burst onto the runway decked out in Paul V Bonarrigo’s sequined shirts. They danced around the room in true “Paul” style and finished with a choreographed moonwalk.