Help Messina Hof Help the Texas Wine Industry!


The Texas Wine Industry is asking for your help!

There’s a law in Texas that will limit the production of Messina Hof and other wineries to 35,000 gallons (approximately 15,000 cases) of specific sales. We are trying to reach The House and the Chairman of the Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee, Wayne Smith. You can help us get the bill (HB 2874) to the House floor by writing Honorable Wayne Smith directly:

PO Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768-2910

Or by email:

Ask the Honorable Wayne Smith to allow a vote on HB 2874 and let him know that this cap poses no risk to the health and safety of Texans. No other wine producing state has any limit on sales. Let them know you support the Texas Wine Industry and do not want your favorite local wineries to be forced to limit access for all Texans to enjoy the wine prouduced in this great state!

Here’s some helpful information from The Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association:

Comments and letters should be respectful and polite. We urge you to express your view and make your point clearly and concisely. Always include your name, the name of your business (or entity you are representing), and your contact information. Include a brief explanation of your business, people you employee, taxes paid, and any other vital information showing your commitment to the State and industry.

Key points to keep in mind about the 35,000 gallon cap:

1. Please urge Chairman Smith to hear and allow a vote on HB 2874 authored by Representative Doug Miller.

2. The current 35,000 gallon cap serves no purpose except to limit the choice of Texas consumers.

3. No other wine producing state has any limit on sales to consumers.

4. Only Texas residents and Texas wineries are penalized by this restriction. Many Texas wineries are currently affected by this and many more will soon be affected. Why limit the fastest-growing wine industry in the United States?

5. Ask what public policy is served by limiting sales to consumers.

6. Express the importance of the Texas wine industry as a key rural economic development driver (the 2013 Economic Impact was $1.88B). Click here to review the 2013 Economic Impact Study.

7. There is no risk to health safety and welfare if the cap is removed.

Thank you for supporting Messina Hof and the Texas Wine Industry!