Helpful Tips with pairing Chocolate and Wine


Make sure to pair the right wine to complement the right chocolate!

– Good chocolate needs acid balance as does good wine.

– If the chocolate is heavy with bold dark flavorings pair it with a bold dark red wine like Port. Port is a classic pairing and you can never go wrong! Messina Hof produces 6 different ports.

– Dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content goes well with bold flavors of dark red wines.

– Champagne is not a good mix with chocolate even though it seems romantic; it pairs better with strawberries and fruits.

– White chocolates that are buttery and mellow would be excellent with a Messina Hof Ivory Ports of Call and Late Harvest wines.

– The wine should be almost as sweet if not a little sweeter than the chocolate to not offset the taste.

– Pair light chocolates with lighter wines and the same with darker chocolates with full bodied wines.

– Dark bitter Chocolates, match well with Cabernets and Zinfandels due to the slightly pepper, bitter favor and the outcome results in an unparallel combination.

Now try some Port Truffles with a bottle of Messina Hof Private Reserve Papa Paulo Port and you’ll see why they are a great match!