How can Wine be Used in Cooking to Enhance Food?


Wine is a perfect ingredient for cooking. It has great flavor and texture which allows for a healthier reduction of salt and sugar. In addition, it aids in creating the best food and wine pairing. If you use the same wine in the dish that you are serving at the table, you have created a natural synergy of flavors.  

Few things to keep in mind:
Never use cooking wine since it contains excessive salt.
Always use Wine that could be served to drink with meals.
Red Wine with meats.
White Wine with Fish.

The Key to matching the best wine with the dish is to understand the weight and color of the wine and match it accordingly. 

Light Bodied White Wines are:
Pinot Grigio, & Sauvignon Blanc

Heavy Bodied White Wines are:
Chardonnay & Chenin Blanc

Medium Bodied Red Wines are:
Merlot & Shiraz

Heavy Bodied Red Wines are:
Cabernet Sauvignon & Bordeaux

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