How do you track your wine notes?


Over the last 33 years, we have tasted many wines. 

At first I used a tasting journal. Then I tried audio taping remarks so that I could capture my thoughts as well as the thoughts of those around me. Later I tried an organized card system similar to my recipe card system. Finally I used a spreadsheet that could be sorted any way I wanted. 

Today there are so many different tools available. If you are a hobby taster or romantic, the wine journal where you can paste the label you actually experienced and write your personal thoughts in the moment is perfect. Plus you can add photographs of the experience and it becomes almost a wine tasting scrapbook or memory book. Of all the things I have done, this is still my favorite and most treasured. After all, it is about the memories.

Other more modern tools for those on the go or who tastes many wines include and These are great applications and offer much more information as well.  It is worth your time to check them out. If you know of other such applications, please share. 

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