How does Grilling & Cooking affect Wine Parings?


It is rarely the type of meat that is paired with wine. It is most often the preparation of the meat that determines the best pairing. Grilled meats typically have a deep smoky character. Wines with a full bodied flavor and a hint of oak aging marry well with grilled meats. The Messina Hof Private Reserve Chardonnay goes well with grilled poultry or quail. The Messina Hof Private Reserve red wines would go well with beef and lamb.

If you burn or scorch your meat, just call it blackened and serve a wine that complements it. If you use a spicy blackening crust, pair a slightly sweet wine that will mask the heat and highlight the spice. Wines that have been oak aged like our double barreled aged Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, etc, balance the smoky flavor of the blackening with the toasty flavors in the wine.