Ice Cream and Wine


Ice cream is a perfect dessert to enjoy when cooling off on a hot summers day. To make ice cream even better, try pairing it with one of Messina Hof’s wines. Choosing a wine to go with ice cream is like choosing a wine that pairs well with a food dish. Different flavors of ice cream pair differently with a different wines. If you choose chocolate ice cream, try Private Reserve Papa Paulo Port to pair with it. The rich chocolate and cherry flavors tie in perfectly with a chocolate based ice cream. If your prefer mint chocolate chip ice cream, try it with Zinfandel wine. The slightly sweet taste of zinfandel works well with the mint. If you want sherbet, try pairing it with Muscat wine. If you just want a bowl of Vanilla ice cream, pair it with a glass of Sherry. The caramel aromas from the wine will be the perfect match to the Vanilla flavors.

Next time you want to enjoy a cool ice cream treat on a hot summer’s day, don’t forget to try it with one of Messina Hof’s wines!

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