Italian Week at Our House


This week is Italian Week at our house.

Paul and I worked together in the kitchen most of the afternoon Sunday preparing lasagna, buffalo meatballs and fresh baked french bread. The lasagna was simple. I prepared the meat sauce using Brazos Valley buffalo meat – Lucky B Bison, Slovacek’s sausage, and Monterey mushrooms – all locally produced. Paul assembled the dish with his favorite portions of ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella cheese, and herbs. This was our first effort at using buffalo meat in sauce and in the meatballs. The result was wonderful! Great flavor and buffalo/bison is very good for you. We are lucky in the Brazos Valley to have Lucky B Bison and Bull Dancer Bison Ranch. Messina Hof partners with local companies in our Bounty in our own Backyard feature menu program at the Vintage House Restaurant. Click here to view dishes off our menu that feature Texas Products!