It’s Here… Harvest 2018!


The wait is over… Harvest 2018 kicked off this week with the picking and processing of Blanc Du Bois and Messina Hof’s first weekend of the Harvest Festival.

Blanc Du Bois from Grandview Vineyards

Wednesday morning, the production crew alongside Messina Hof founders Paul Vincent and Merrill with granddaughter Sophia Marie picked Blanc Du Bois at the Estate vineyard. The tradition of harvesting together as a family began over 40 years ago and continues today with the passing along of wisdom to the younger generations.

Paul Vincent, Merrill and Sophia picking Blanc Du Bois

Thursday, we received Blanc Du Bois from Grandview Vineyards in Richards, Texas. Owned and operated by Dustin Kuta and Bill Thomas, Grandview Vineyards is one of Messina Hof’s many grower partners helping to insure that we have enough crop to create 100% Texas wine.

Paul Mitchell, Dustin Kuta and Bill Thomas with Blanc Du Bois

Blanc Du Bois wasn’t the only grape picked at the Estate this week; we kicked off our Harvest Festival this weekend picking and stomping Lenoir grapes! Pictures coming soon! Harvest will continue throughout the fall season – follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see all the updates!