Keep Superbowl Sunday Sophisticated


Ah, Superbowl Sunday! A day that some of us love and some of us hate! There’s no better way to help everyone enjoy the Superbowl Party then with a few bottles of wine. Most of us associate tailgating partieswith beer, but this year try pairing some of your favorite Superbowl Sunday snacks with your favorite Messina Hof wines!

For eating spicy foods, such as hot wings, try taming some of the heat with a sweeter wine like Riesling. The sugar in the sweet wine will help put out the fire in the hot wings!

For salty snacks such as, popcorn, chips and peanuts, try the bubbly flavors of a sparkling wine!

And for dessert, chocolate items try to steer clear of any sweet wines, go for a glass of Zinfandel instead to mix in a berry flavor with a brownie!

Keep Superbowl Sunday sophisticated this year and enjoy a glass of wine!