Let Bud Break Begin!


Throughout March, the start to a new growing season will commence when bud break begins to take place amongst the vines. This is a remarkable time of year, when you can begin to see the life setting in throughout the vines.

Vines grown in warmer soils, like the ones we have here, will begin to bud sooner than those grown in cooler soils. However, if the bud break occurs too late in the season, the grapes may not have time to fully ripen before harvest.

On February 23, winemaker Paul Bonarrigo tweets, “The grapevines are bleeding, oozing so bud bread is 7 to 10 days away at Messina Hof resort in Bryan, Texas.”

Most vines begin to flower within the second or third year of being planted, but they will not begin to grow grapes until their seventh year of life. Flowering lasts for about a week in a half. During this time, the weather is crucial to the plant, leaving it highly susceptible to pests, disease and mold. In Bryan, we will expect to see bud break begin during the first week of March. The process should continue into the early part of Spring Break.

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