Let’s Talk Turkey – Rosemary Pecan Cornbread Stuffing


Make the Rosemary Cornbread Stuffing your choice of stuffing this year. It goes great with a baked, smoked, or grilled turkey. Pair this recipe with Messina Hof Gewurztraminer along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Merlot, or Reflections.

-4 cups crumbled cornbread
-1 ½ cups pecan pieces
-5 tbsp. butter
-2 cups 1015 onions, chopped
-2 cups celery, diced
-2 1/2 cups chicken broth
-1 tbsp. black pepper
-½ tsp. dried rosemary
-½ tsp. fresh or dried thyme
-¼ tsp. sage
-½ cup Gewürztraminer

Place the cornbread and pecans in a large bowl. Melt butter in a large skillet. Add onions and celery. Sauté until vegetables are softened. Add remaining ingredients and bring to a simmer. Pour into cornbread mixture; toss to mix and moisten evenly. Add 1/2 cup more broth if needed.

Spoon into a greased baking dish, cover with foil and bake covered for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  Uncover and bake 10-15 more minutes.

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