Living and Loving Wine, Valentines’


By Kidron Vestal, Marketing & PR Manager
Valentine’s Day is love’s coming of age, just like harvest day is for a vineyard. There are cycles in life; seasons of resting, loving, and living…. Wine is alive too. It’s quite easy to think of February as a month when love and red and chocolate are all that matters. But there is so much more to February living; part of the focus—a great part of it, is science…sheer chemistry.
February punctuates the fact that love, just like wine, endures in a timeless and profound life cycle. Wine is alive and it breathes, changing with time and often growing into prized maturity. The fusion of natural components and scientific chemistry that is all so familiar to the winemaking process is essential to foundational winemaking and to the making of wine that becomes renowned, just liked famed love.
Wine is one with science just like love is one with chemistry. Preferences for certain wines occur for many reasons: a smooth finish, a rich mouth-feel, the sweet factor, etc. or in some cases because of the time and place the wine met its match in the consumer. Science precedes this moment, this mountain-top experience for a wine and its winemaker when solid measurements, evaluations, chart-readings and pure attention to detail are held in esteemed care. Any one who would desire to learn more about the scientific influence in winemaking may make reservations today for Art & Science of Wine, occurring this Sunday at the Messina Hof Wine Bar from 3pm-5pm. Call 979-778-WINE ext 244 for Reservations.