Make Today a Celebration with Sparkling Wine


Everyday can feel like a celebration with Sparkling wine. The bubbles just look and feel like fun! There is something romantic about toasting a glass of sparkling wine. You just feel more special when you drink it. As part of our harvest celebration at Messina Hof the Bonarrigo family hosted a Sparkling Wine Tasting. Paul M(VII) kicked off the event by demonstrating the art of Sabrage (opening a champagne bottle with a sabre).

Messina Hof Saborage Video

Instead of a sabre he used a cutlass sword (more macho). With a sliding movement along the bottle,hesheered the top of the bottle which loosened the cork and created the POP. What a fun way to start a party! After the corks popped, guests enjoyed Brut, Raspberry, and Almond sparkling wines. The Brut was paired with strawberries, the Raspberry with raspberries, and the Almond with peaches. How did the raspberry and almond flavors get in the wine? At the dosage when wine, brandy, and sugar are added fresh raspberry extract or almond extract is added as well. How do we make a rose’ sparkling wine? Start with a finished wine like Sophia Marie Rose’, add a tirage of sugar and yeast to restart the fermentation, and take it to completion in the bottle. Voila’, you have rose’ sparkling wine.