Mama Rosa Rose’ with Dove’s Chocolate Raspberry Swirl


Messina Hof’s White Cabernet Sauvignon is semi-sweet with hints of cherries and raspberries. It’s soft, smooth and very versatile…great with spicy pasta, Hispanic or Asian cuisine and fresh strawberries. Named after Paul’s mother, Mama Rosa.

This pairing is a great example of how complimenting flavors bring out the best in both chocolate and wine.  The chocolate makes the raspberry pop in the candy and in the wine.  Together it reminds me of the Squirt gum flavor surprise.  When you bit into Squirt you experienced a flavor bomb.  Mama Rosa Rose’ andChocolate Raspberry together is a Raspberry Bomb.

Mama Rosa Rose’ and Dove’s Chocolate Raspberry Swirl make a perfect Mother’s day gift.  The even offer an E-Promise on their site where you can send Dove sentiments to friends.

Sunny Summer Sabayon with Mama Rosa