Messina Hof Blind Wine Tastings


Imagine tasting a wine that you do not know anything about and that you cannot see. That’s what people do during a blind wine tasting. Blind wine tasting is a fun event that tests your knowledge and ability to distinguish wines based on taste and smell. Tasters are given several flights of wines that are concealed so that the color cannot be seen by the tasters. The tasters are then asked to distinguish the wines based on the theme.

Blind wine tastings have different themes. Matching a wine to its color based on smell and taste is one theme. Some tastings have one glass that is made with a different variety of grape than the others that the tasters have to pick out. Others have a “name that country” blind tasting that requires the tasters to pair the wines with the country that they came from. During the “Wine Tasters Challenge” that Messina Hof will be hosting on Saturday August 13th, tasters are given five different flights of two wines. One wine will be Messina Hof’s and the other wine will be a wine from around the world. Tasters are challenged to distinguish the Messina Hof wine from the other wine.

Blind wine tastings are a fun filled challenge to test your knowledge and help you learn more about wine tasting in the process!

To participate in Messina Hof’s “Wine Tasters Challenge” or for more information click here!