Messina Hof Harvest: from Vine to Wine!


Winemaking is a way of life that combines tradition, intuition, and science. A great winemaker will know exactly how their grapes will be processed on the journey to becoming wine. In the vineyard at Messina Hof Winery & Resort, the grapes that we grow are Lenoir, also called Black Spanish. They are used for ouraward-winning ports and our Sophia Marie Rosé.

In the first week of harvest, the grapes picked will go towards the Sophia Marie Rosé. As the weeks progress, the remaining grapes’ sugar content will increase, giving our ports their sweetness. These include the Ebony, Papa Paulo, Tawny, Barrel Reserve, & Private Reserve ports

As the grapes move from the vine to the crusher, they are placed in storage tanks with the grape skins still in contact. The longer these grapes are stored; their redness becomes richer and bolder. The Sophia Marie Rosé will only be stored like this for a short period of time, while our ports soak even longer in their skins until reaching a deep red, even black color.

Harvest is the result of a year commitment of growing, and is the first glimpse of what is to come from the winery. Each year, Messina Hof looks forward to this pinnacle point in the wine-making process, and each year we share this excitement with all our family and friends as they join us in Harvest.