Messina Hof Weekend Celebrations


I feel so blessed that Messina Hof was able to share in the many celebrations this past weekend – graduation, birthdays and Mother’s Day. The Vintage House served a record number of guests, the Villa celebrated the graduation of Aggie parents that have visited every year for four years, and the new Wine Bar lMessina Celebrationsook received rave reviews. We cannot wait to show off some of the new special features in the Wine Bar later this week!

The vineyard is bursting with green shoots and vibrant growth. The rain over the past week has resulted in an impressive expansion of leaf cover and the baby grapes are getting bigger each day. The vineyard changes have us diving into preparations for Harvest later this summer. Sophia Marie will stomp for her fourth time this year at Harvest, and Paul Anthony will stomp for his second time. Last year he was only nine days old when he completed his first grape stomp! I have been collecting their grape stained foot prints on baby clothes and shirts each year, and I can hardly wait to add to the art collection. Children grow up so quickly!