“Messina Hof Winery”-Guest Blog


The real purpose behind our quick College Station trip was to visit Messina Hof Winery. A friend of ours purchased a package of wine tour/tasting tickets at a charity auction, so a bunch of us got to go visit the winery and taste the wines!

Messina Hof is a bit outside of College Station in Bryan, TX. We met everyone there and got started with a tour of the vineyard and facilities.

Here’s the winery!

The main entrance…

We started our tour with a walk through the winery’s bed & breakfast, where we found this little bird.The tour guide accidentally stepped on him and he looked pretty scared/hurt, so our friend Caitling rescued him and put him in the bushes nearby.

We got to walk through the vines and pick grapes to eat. Can you spot the grapes in this photo?

It was a really hot day, but the view was so pretty!

Our tour guide showed us all the insulated tanks where the wine gets made…

We also got to see the wine storage facilities…

… and the bottling machine!

We did our wine tastings right there by the bottling machine. They brought out fruit and cheese, and we got to try a few of their wines. We didn’t like any of them enough to take a bottle home, but it was fun to try them out!

After our tour/tasting, we wandered around the pretty property. They have a beautiful lake.  The lake was filled with turtles that apparently thought we were going to feed them…So many turtles!

They have weddings under this gazebo sometimes…

Before we left, we took a few last photos in the vines:

I’m so glad our friend organized this trip. I’ve wanted to go see Messina Hof for quite a while (I somehow never made it out there while I was in college in College Station, and I’ve wanted to go ever since), so it was a fun trip. I was surprised by just how beautiful everything was out there.

Anyone else visiting wineries lately? Apparently it’s almost grape harvesting season!

Messina Hof is a great place to visit with friends and family. Make sure you plan a trip in the following weeks to participate in this year’s Harvest.

We thank Katie for sharing her experience at Messina Hof. To learn more about Katie, visit her blog, Spirals and Spatulas!