Messina Hof Wines for the Holidays!


A great way to spread cheer this holiday is to prepare for holiday parties big and small with the right selection of wines for everyone celebrating the season. The “Big Eight” for any holiday bash include four reds and four whites.

The perfect party red is Cabernet Sauvignon that can be paired with a meal, hors d’oeuvres, or enjoyed by itself in the midst of great company.

Zinfandel, Shiraz, and Pinot Noir also top the list to warm the spirits of all who arrive. The versatile Riesling will suit many as they come and go throughout the night. Pinot Grigio is a great starter to be paired with hors d’oeuvres, as well as stays refreshing all night long.

Mix in a simple Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to allow each guest to enjoy the festivities with their classic favorites. The best gift is the gift of giving-especially when we are able to give others the things that we enjoy the most!

Choose a few of your own Messina Hof favorites you have received over the course of the year to share with others all throughout this holiday season!