Messina Hof’s 55,000 Gallon Expansion


image1Harvest isn’t the only exciting thing happening at Messina Hof’s Estate Vineyard… this week we added 8 new tanks!

Out of the eight new tanks there are three different sizes. The smallest size tank stands 20’ tall and 7’ wide. The next size tank stands 20’ tall and 7’9” wide and last but not least, the biggest tank stands 20’ tall and 9’3” wide. Combined these tanks hold 55,000 gallons which is equivalent to about 277,602 bottles of wine!IMG_4500

But what exactly are wine tanks? Tanks are containers for making and storing wine. These tanks are made of stainless steel which offers optimal refrigeration capabilities. After the tanks are put in place they are “jacketed” by another layer of insulation. This insulation adds an extra layer of refrigeration around the tanks to keep the fermented juice chilled.

We can’t wait to put these new tanks to use! Stay tuned to see what else is happening around Messina Hof!tanks 3