Messina Hof’s annual Harvest Festival is here!!


Our Harvest festival reflects the rich history of traditional winemaking. Before machines were invented people would have to harvest grapes from the vineyard by hand and the grape juice would be extracted from the grapes through grape stomping. Grape stomping is thought to have started in Rome around 200 B.C!

In our harvest festival, you will get the chance to experience how wine was made in the ancient days through grape picking and stomping.

Another tradition carried on by historical winemakers is the German harvest tradition of serving Treberwurst, which is a wine soaked bratwurst. In Germany and Switzerland, the harvesters would bring sausage and bratwurst, which they would pack in the skins and seeds (what we call “must”) of the grapes. The meat would marinate and bake over coals. After the picking, the harvesters would eat the Treberwurst with breads and mustards. Messina Hof carries on this tradition by serving Treberwurst at our Harvest lunches.

Come join us & learn about the harvesting process at Messina Hof’s Harvest Festival! Click here for more information or to order your tickets online by clicking here!

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