Museum Collection: World War II Memorialized through Wine


This week we raise a glass to all of the brave men and women who sacrificed their life for our country. This Memorial Day we highlight our Museum Wine Collection with the Admiral Nimitz Foundation, that supports the preservation of World War II stories with present and future generations. Each purchase benefits the National Museum of the Pacific War. Messina Hof Winery is proud to be a veteran-owned business and family winery with a history of three generations of United States military service. We are honored to craft and showcase a wine collection for the ages that pays respect to those who served during World War II and specifically in support of the Pacific War operations.

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OLD TEXAS ROUNDUP: Old Texas Roundup started as a way to boost morale for all Texans serving in the Pacific Theater during World War II. On January 16, 1944, Admiral Chester Nimitz hosted 40,000 soldiers, sailors, and Marines with a barbecue lunch, live music, dancing, and horseshoes. The Eyes of Texas watched over them with victory looming close the next year in 1945.

This dry red wine blend boasts earthy aromas of rich Texas terroir and flavors of blackberry from the depths of the glass. Oak aging adds balanced layers of black tea and leather. Its lingering finish evokes the lifecycle of vineyard from its roots to the bottle. This wine stands up to strong herb and smoked flavors. Try Old Texas Roundup with brisket and ribs.



OPERATION ICEBERG: Okinawa Island sits merely a few hundred miles from the main islands of Japan. It was here the Allies determined to define the base for their United States bombers. This mission was called Operation Iceberg. It was the greatest amphibious offensive of World War II and was the prelude to the end of the war.

This light bodied wine is bright and austere with enticing bursts of grapefruit and pineapple balanced with wisps of lemongrass on the nose. This dry white blend pays tribute to Operation Iceberg with crisp notes that refresh, delight, and complement warm weather and lighter seafood dishes.



COMMAND POST: The number one priority for a good command post position is survivability, for it is the nerve center of a battle. It holds the tools and personnel – including the commander – from which both strategic and tactical decisions will emanate.

This Cabernet Sauvignon reflects the versatility of the command post and the boldness of those who occupy it. This wine showcases suede tannins with a strong body as currants, plum, and cocoa powder march across your taste buds. Pair this wine with fattier meats such as ribeye steak, pork ribs, and lamb.



CODE GIRLS: During World War II, the United States military recruited women from around the US to work in various intelligence branches. These women formed an elite group of more than 10,000 female codebreakers known as, “Code Girls.” They were critical to victory in the European and Pacific Theaters.

This semi-sweet white wine blend is refreshing and beautifully dynamic. Ripe tropical fruit and candied citrus develop in the glass with each sip revealing notes of fragrant white flowers, oranges, and pineapple. This vibrant wine pays homage to the strong women that balanced the home front alongside critical contributions to the World War II war efforts. This wine pairs beautifully with aromatic spices typically found in Mediterranean and Indian cuisine.



ADMIRAL’S RESERVE: Chester Nimitz is a native Texan who embodied humility, respect, pride, and unwavering strength in the face of war. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Chester Nimitz was chosen to take charge at Pearl Harbor. He took command of the Pacific Fleet on December 31, 1941 and was promoted to Admiral that same day. Admiral Nimitz is one of only four naval officers to ever receive the rank of 5 star general.

This dessert red is bold, yet pleasant. Admiral’s Reserve embodies aromas of leather and dried herbs, while commanding flavors of black cherry and caramel that go beautifully with flaky pies and chocolate covered strawberries.



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Make this Memorial Day one for the books by enjoying our Museum Collection wine by the grill and pool! We hope you all have a safe Memorial Day surrounded by family and friends.