National Drink Wine Day!


Happy National Drink Wine Day!

Today, Sunday, February 18, 2018 is National Drink Wine Day! National Drink Wine Day is celebrated every year on February 18. Why? According to, the purpose is to spread the love and health benefits of wine! Impress your friends today with wine vocabulary words! (Definitions via Wine Enthusiast

  •  Aroma: A scent that is a component of the bouquet or nose; i.e. cherry is an aromatic component of a fruity bouquet.
  • Body: The impression of weight on one’s palate; light, medium and full are common body qualifiers.
  • Decant: The process of transferring wine from a bottle to another holding vessel. The purpose is generally to aerate a young wine or to separate an older wine from any sediment.
  • Late Harvest: A term used to describe dessert wines made from grapes left on the vines for an extra long period.
  • Must: Crushed grapes about to go or going through fermentation.

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Definitions via Wine Enthusiast