New World Grapes and Old World Grapes


New world grapes have become more popular as the years progress. When someone says new world they are talking about the wines come from a non-traditional region of Europe and the Mediterranean basin. New world wines are considered more experimental in its approach. Countries who are considered New World are The United States, Australia, Chile, Argentina and many more. Even within the US California is not considered as New World as the other states.

Texas is considered New World. It is made up of seven appellations. These are legally defined and protected geographical indications used to identify where the grapes for a wine were grown.  These seven appellations are:

The Bell Mountain Viticultural Area,
The Fredericksburg Viticultural Area,
The Texas Hill Country Viticultural Area,
The Escondido Valley Viticultural Area,
The Texas High Plains Viticultural Area,
The Davis Mountain Viticultural Area,
The Mesilla Valley Viticultural Area,
The Texoma Viticultural Area.
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These grapes grown in the new world areas are from hot climates, giving them longer growing seasons and tend to be riper. This creates wines that are fuller and have more body and higher alcohol content. Also another difference from old world is the labeling process. New world wines will usually have the producer and varietal on the label. This allows new world wines to rely on their marketing through branding.

Old world wines date back for centuries. Traditionally these old world wines are from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. These wines are considered old world because of the tradition and mostly because of how the wines of the area are produced according to their geography and the environment. Like mentioned earlier old world wines label themselves differently than that of a new world wine. Old world wines often have their region as the identifier of the type and quality of the wine. And as opposed to new world wines, these old worlds rely on their reputation of their vineyard to sell their product.

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