New Year’s Eve–The Meaning of the Toast


Civilizations around the globe assemble every 365 days to lock arms, lips and wishes–and to hope that their toast rests not on faint ears. For to salute the eve and the coming dawn is richness, almost a ceremonial necessity. The only fitting symbol to both conclude and embrace a year is a bubbly token held in open palms, a sparkling reminder that centuries past endured the same. The bold, star-white moon over-looking Messina Hof’s lake sets the mood for endearing reflections of days gone by…and days to come. The Villa Bed & Breakfast hosts as shelter for the soul and prelude for the toast. Let us take care of you while you celebrate 2014 by making a reservation at our four-diamond rated B&B.
With a loved one at one’s side, family all around, or only a memory to draw nigh, the hope of a new year carries with it the chance for discovery, delight and destined futures. To pay witness to this crescendo of change, the toast is heralded as a quiet sign of life in millennia gone by, a tradition that continues today. Traditions made in the heart, hearth or kitchen. At the Vintage House Restaurant, guests make toasts alongside stunning Vineyard Cuisine™. Bounty unearthed before glistening glasses bubbling over. See our menus here.
One can clink to celebration with sparkling wine, sparkling cider or sparkling inner-joy. The bubbles are the symbol, a metaphor of wonderment that has a chance. The vessel is the person. But filled crystal can add to the merriment! The toast connects humanity. Amid civil strivings, tensions and greed, for one moment all are brethren and the toast says, “Yes, here is to you and your story. Go get it!”

Sparkling wine
by Messina Hof makes for a most delightful element of any New Year’s Eve celebration. NYE bubbly is available in Messina Hof retail stores, in Bryan or Fredericksburg. Happy New Year! Spend it with us, your extended family at Messina Hof.