Next Generation of Wine and Food Pairing Passion


By Merrill Bonarrigo, Owner of Messina Hof Wine Cellars, Inc

Winemaking is an art form historically passed from generation to generation in Europe. Culinary Arts are the same. Wine and food pairing has been more obscure in its development. My life’s passion has been the pursuit of perfect wine and food pairings that make the wine “sing”. When I began in 1977, there was not much information about such pairings. In fact not every chef understood or embraced the fact that wine is a complementing ingredient to a meal.Karen

Over the years it has been my joy to share all that I have learned about this relatively new art form with those who attended my Wine and Food Pairing Parties. An even greater joy this year was the desire of my daughter in law, Karen, to carry on this art of Wine and Food pairing. For three years we have been partnering on pairings and pairing classes. Harvest 2013 Food and Wine Pairing was her solo debut. WOW! Brilliant. She has a great palate and desire to make the wine “sing” in every pairing.

Wine & FoodTry these on your own or at the Winebar at Messina Hof.  Her 2013 Harvest Pairings were Blanc Du Bois 2012 (my favorite new dry white wine) with Truffle Tremor Cheese; Sophia Marie Rose’ 2012 (dear to Karen’s heart as it is named after her daughter) with Fiore Sardo Cheese topped with fresh basil and light tomato relish; Paulo Shiraz 2007 with Red Dragon Cheese (my favorite cheese with its country style mustard and Welsh brown ale base); and Tawny Port with Mountain Gorgonzola Cheese.

Don’t miss Karen’s next class. She is special!