Olympic Wine Pairings!


Ancient Greece is known for two traditions, making great wine and the Olympic Games. Messina Hof is excited as the Summer Olympics approach and we wish to reunite this duo by pairing our own award-winning wines with some of our favorite Olympic sports.

Swimming was one of the most exciting Olympic moments in 2008 when USA swimmer, Michael Phelps took home 8 gold medals, the world record to date. Dive into Messina Hof’s own award-winning Pinot Noir as you watch this year’s fierce competitors in the various swimming events. Its clean, toasty, and vanilla essences flow perfectly with its ripe plum and cherry flavors, making it perfect for grilled seafood.

Savor the tropical aromas of Messina Hof’s Pinot Grigio while you cheer for team USA in beach volleyball. Serve, set, and spike up conversation with your friends with this refreshing, light white wine that encompasses all the characteristics of summer at the beach. Best served chilled and pairs nicely with spicy Cajun food.

On your mark, get set, and go get a bottle of Messina Hof’s gold medal Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignonfor watching this year’s track and field events. This wine is bursting with blackberry, vanilla, and all-spice characteristics that will leave you sprinting for more.

Get ready to watch the gravity defying gymnast with a glass of Messina Hof’s Riesling. This fresh and florally wine will send your taste buds into cartwheels and will leave you feeling relaxed as you anxiously watch the various acrobatic routines. This slightly sweet wine complements almost all foods such as German, Cajun, and Oriental, perfect for celebrating all of the Olympic competitors.

Prepare your own Olympic watching party with Messina Hof wines and enjoy the Summer Games this year in London, and don’t forget to purchase a bottle of Messina Hof’s Sparkling Brut as well, for when your favorite athlete takes home the Gold!