Portugal: An Undiscovered Treasure of Food & Wine


Food, wine, food, wine….What a great job and we are so glad to do it!

Portugal is truly an undiscovered treasure. It is unspoiled, non-commerical, and very authentic. We have experienced cod in many different dishes each day served with multiple Portuguese wine very few of which are sweet Ports. There are some very big and voluptuous wines made in these hills.

Tonight we had a lovely meal at the former stock exchange in Porto.

Pumpkin soup with what seemed to be a dash of Masala; a cod and greens napoleon; and phyllo wrapped flan with lemon and kumquat sorbet. With this we enjoyed a selection of wines from each of the wine regions of Portugal. Of course, no meal in Portugal would be complete without a glass of Port.

So far we have tasted the Merrills Vineyard Riesling and the Paulo Cabernet Sauvignon.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised.