Pressing the Grapes


Stomping at HarvestThe traditional way of pressing grapes was performed by a foot which was stated to be the best process. It is said that the foot is hard enough to split the skins of the grapes but not too hard to damage the seeds. Grape stomping is believed to date back to 200 BC. Mechanical stemmers, crushers and presses now have replaced feet. 

It takes 3lbs of grapes to make 1 bottle of wine.

Once all of the grapes have been pressed, the skins, seeds, and stems are removed and composted. In red wine fermentation, the seeds and skins usually remain with the juice. Red wines ferment with skins while white wines are press immediately and then the skins are removed.
During July & August, Messina Hof continues the traditional process of stomping of the grapes during Harvest.