Quick Tips for the Holidays


‘Tis the season for holiday celebrations! Check out Messina Hof’s own Karen Bonarrigo’s quick tips for a wine-derful Christmas:

Please all your guests by including a variety of wine options. The top categories to consider for your gathering are a dry white, off-dry white (or semi-sweet), rosé, sparkling, a light dry red, a heavy dry red and a dessert wine.

Invest in a wine saver for bottles that aren’t finished in one evening. Wine savers keep wine safe from oxygen contact, allowing you to enjoy the wines for the next couple of weeks.

For those who enjoy leisurely sipping over a long feast, look for balanced dry reds with fruit forward elements and structured tannins. The tannins will evolve and lengthen throughout the meal.

If you can only pick one wine to bring to a party, go for a sparkling wine. It’s food friendly, festive and fun!

If you’re cooking with wine, make sure you utilize fresh, quality wines. The flavors of the wine will remain and concentrate in the dish as the alcohol and liquid simmers and cooks away.