Rain & Wine


Here in Texas, any rain is always a blessing. Rain is great for the grass, lazy days spent watching movies and the Texas wine industry. This state has a unique and diverse climate for growing grapes–whether in the dry, grapeswindy Panhandle, the humid Gulf region or other vineyards of the Lonestar State. The Texas weather is great for growing a wide variety of grapes. At the vineyards in Bryan, TX, Messina Hof has the perfect climate for growing Lenoir, or Black Spanish, grapes. This grape varietal braves the hot weather with minimal rain, and is resistant to Pierce’s Disease (a common bacterial grape disease).

While many people may think having a small amount of annual rain is a bad thing for vegetation, this scenario is actually an ideal situation for grape growers. With advanced technology in irrigation, growers no longer have to rely on the weather alone to nurture their grapes. Growers control water dispersion and compensate with natural irrigation methods when rain is scare. On the other side, an abundance of water could lead to overgrowth, a higher risk of fungal problems, and a possible decline in fruit quality. The adequate sunlight in Texas ensures overall that grapes reach their full ripening potential.

Even if unexpected, a good rain can be wonderful for the vineyards. Especially during harvest when the grapes are nice, plump, and ready to pick! Come out to the vineyards this weekend to enjoy the process of wine-making. Pick and stomp our perfectly ripened grapes!

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